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macOS: Disable Siri Suggestions in apps

When Apple shipped macOS 10.15 Catalina, one of the new features were Siri Suggestions in various apps. And since people might get used to it, some other – me included – would like to disable it. This is why I searched for a solution to disable Siri Suggestions. For me personally, I got most annoyed by the suggestions in the favorites page of Safari but it is also possible to have these new suggestions displayed in other apps like Reminders, FaceTime, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages and Podcasts.

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nginx: Disable logging for certain request(s)

As long as configured in a server directive, nginx logs every request in a logfile. Whenever you want to exclude (a) certain request(s), e. g. with dynamical parameters, from getting logged, it’s not that easy. For this reason I want to show a possible solution which works on nginx since version 1.7.0. The used map feature is not included in older nginx versions.

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