Switch from Twitter to Mastodon

This post is the last one I will share on Twitter. It’s just time to move on and the journey goes towards Mastodon. There are multiple reasons why.

Twitter’s not Twitter anymore

Twitter had its time, but some billionaire doesn’t seem to care what the majority wants (no hate and agitation). I’m staying short on this topic, there are much better sources targeting this topic.

Mastodon loves WordPress

Since there is a dedicated ActivityPub plugin for WordPress to communicate directly with Mastodon and other systems in the Fediverse, it’s a no-brainer that it is a smoother experience to automatically share content from within your website directly to the Fediverse. That being said, you can now follow this website just by searching the user https://kittmedia.com/@kittmedia-en. Yes, not the nicest “name”, but it is what it is. 😄


The Twitter account will still last some time, but in the end I’m going to delete it. To get updates from this site (I’m trying to increase its frequency), just follow it on Mastodon. 🙂

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