iOS: Disable Shortcuts automation notifications

By default if an automation from Shortcuts has been running on your iOS device, you get a banner notification. Since you usually know what you’ve configured in your Shortcuts automations, these notifications seem to be redundant. Luckily, you can get rid of it.

You might think it’s as easy as it should be, just go into the notification settings and disable banner notifications of the Shortcuts app. Unfortunately, the Shortcuts app is not listed in the notification settings. You need to change these settings elsewhere.

To do so you have to use the Screen Time settings, go to the Settings app and select Screen Time. Below your Daily Average, open to the See All Activity entry.

Screen Time: See All Activity
Open the “See All Activity” (highlighted with red border)

Now scroll down to the “Notifications” area and click on “Show More” until you see the entry “Shortcuts”. You need to have at least a single notification in your selected time from the Shortcuts automations. If there isn’t any, check another time range until you can find it.

Shortcuts in Screen Time All Activity
Shortcuts entry in Screen Time (highlighted with red border)

You need to open this Shortcuts entry. If you can’t, wait a little while until everything has been loaded and there is an arrow on the right side of the entry. It may take some time, depending on your device usage.

After clicking on it, you can find the regular notification settings that you had been looking for in the general notification settings. Here, you can disable all notifications of the Shortcuts app.

Shortcuts disabled notifications

Unfortunately, this setting is temporarily. As soon as you restart the iPhone or the UI, you need to set your desired setting again in order to keep it working.

2 thoughts on “iOS: Disable Shortcuts automation notifications

  1. thank you! Also I noticed that I can no longer have prompts come up to continue shortcuts? I have an automation when I plug in my charger that asks if I want to enable fast charging, yes then enable, or no then disable, but without notifications, I cannot select yes or no. any other work-around?

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